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Come and enter

HAKUEI's Heaven Gate

Welcome to my page dedicated to my one and only beloved, HAKUEI. For those of you who just randomly (what are the chances of that?) come here, and don't know who Hakuei is, Hakuei is the lead vocalist for the Japnaese Visual Rock band Penicillin. They are dually noted for their old days has looking like "girls" and wearing make-up. Let me warn you now. This page contains LOTS of pictures of him which I scanned from all my albums, magazines and video box sets I got of him and of Penicillin. This site also contains all his songs from "Angel Trip" in Romaji (comming soon). It will soon include all his songs in romaji (the one's he wrote for Penicillin), poems I wrote about and for him and songs I wrote about/to him, and songs I dedicate to him from other artists! Be warned this site is only if you really like HAKUEI. I made this because I want the world to know who my beloved is and how much he means to me and of course the rest of his fans who "love" him! Mostly me^_^

Thanks to Shizu for this pic