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HAKUEI's Heaven Gate

This is my HAKUEI Shrine.This is dedicated Penicillin's vocalist HAKUEI! Welcome! Hope your in for a whole LOTTA HAKUEI! Cause this is my man forever and ever! I Love him with all my heart and always will, no matter what he looks like in future. His voice swept me away. And I will always thanks GOD for putting him on this earth. Well he put HAKUEI on this earth because he knew HAKUEI would need a kind, loving, caring, sorta talkative girl to love him, that's why I'm here. And that's why none of he EX-girlfriends ever told him that they love him, cause they knew it wasn't gonna last and that they knew of me and said "Better not say anything or do anything, she might do somthing to us." Well I'm not one to go pyscho, but if any of those girls treated on him, then see that meant all out war on her!!! Besides I bet you the only reason why they were with him in the first place was because he had lotts of money and he was famous and say later on "I used to go out with that rock star HAKUEI". Not me though. If I were with him, wait I know I am, but anyways, I would love him and take care of him. Even if he went bankrupt the very next day, I'd stay with him through thick n thin, till death do us part, and even then I'll love him cause my spirit will live on. Well that's it for now. Come now and enter some of the many things my HAKUEI has to offer you (me).

last updated: 98.9.8
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