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Double Love Shock...

Welcome to my homepage. I hope you find everything you wanted to know about Hakuei. I have decided to re-make this page for the purpose of, I think everyone should like Hakuei and every other musician as them and not image wise as most fans are. I will be taking down the gallery, don't get me wrong I will keep it up, but I will change the pictures every month so you will see a new gallery every month with different pictures of him. Also, poems/songs I wrote for him section is now a section where all fans of Hakuei will be able to submit their own poems for him written for him or any poem dedicated to him, and if you want you can even dedicate him songs and I will put it up and put "dedicated by.." on there. I'm also adding a FanArt section where you can submit your art work of him or of him with anyone one else.

I know these are major changes in of what I had up before. But I feel, that people should like Hakuei more for him than image sell wise as we all have found him that way. And I thought, some of the things I wrote before were a bit over board, for the fact that at that time I was just liking him cause he looked good. But I think I learned that looks arn't everything especially in this case. If you still want to know more about him email me privately and I will try my best to give some infos.

What you will find here is a gallery, changed everymonth, profile page with just the facts (i'm still thinking if I should add my opinions on him..), discography page, FanArt Section, Dedication Section and the guestbook for all to sign and leave him message. Thanks everyone for comming and visiting^^ I hope this doesn't dissapoint any fans that I changed this page. Email me with comments and suggestions.